About Us

About Us

JODAHLINKS Trade Corporation is a brokerage company, our purpose is to provide global trading service solution by exporting & supplying essential oil and non-oil commodities, facilitate the purchase and sale of petroleum products and helping business improve global presence.

Our Story

Founded in the year 2018, JODAHLINKS Trade corporation was created as a global trade organisation to help local and international business meet their supply / demand for essential oil and non-oil commodities and expand its business across border. Our promise is to hold up the trust of our esteemed clients to effectively and safely carryout business proceeding with them and assuring transparency.

Our Values

Our values are based on our team industry knowledge of the commodity market and our ability to provide real time global market information that confidently allows us to make well informed decisions on behalf of our clients regarding penetrating international markets.


Our goal is to take your business to the global markets, enhance global presence and create sustainable synergies.

Our mission

We focus on oil and non-oil commodity exports to global markets, we also provide information regarding prices, product availability, market condition and reliable method of transportation. Our Mission includes the following


  • To build synergies amongst organisations and by so doing earn their trust.
  • To provide a market platform for all tradable commodities across continents.
  • To continuously fulfil orders that meet or exceed our customer expectation.
  • To trade only in high quality products from recognized & certified suppliers globally.
  • To be Africa’s leading global trading partners